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Country Road Greenhouses, Inc.

Growers of native plants and the exclusive producer of Prairie Plugs™

Country Road Greenhouses, Inc. specializes in providing containerized indigenous Midwest species for:

Our Prairie Plugs™ plant list contains species for dry, mesic, wet mesic, wet, and emergent planting sites and includes:

Our focus is on growing and supplying native plants. Our function is to support you, our customer, in achieving successful installation and establishment of a native planting. When you choose Country Road Greenhouses, Inc. as your native plant supplier you can trust that our first priority is to provide you with the plants and service you need. We can assist you in the planning stages for your project by helping you select the species appropriate to the site. We will coordinate with you through final delivery to make certain that your plants will be at your site when you need them or we will have your order available for you to pick up at our facility at your convenience.

Country Road Greenhouses, Inc. has established the reputation of providing the highest quality plants available at a very reasonable price. In fact, Country Road Greenhouses, Inc. pioneered the production of container grown prairie plants in the Midwest. When we first began growing prairie in containers restorationists told us it couldn’t be done. From their experience prairie plants had too vigorous a root system to be grown in pots and had to be grown and sold as bare root transplants. Country Road Greenhouses, Inc. developed the process of growing prairie in open bottom containers to manage these vigorous root systems. Prairie Plugs™ has since become the benchmark for native plants in the restoration and landscape industries. We are committed to continue offering the quality, information, service, and value on which our professional customers have come to rely.

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