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shooting starOur production facilities include 6000 sq.ft. of climate controlled greenhouse propagation space and 19000 sq.ft. of native plant nursery production and overwintering houses. Seed sown in late fall and early winter are stratified in our walk-in cooler and then brought into our propagation facilities beginning the end of February of each season through mid summer. After transplant the 38 plant trays are grown in heated houses until established enough to proceed to the native plant nursery. Crops are grown to be sold in the current growing season and for overwintering and sale in the following year. During each shipping season we have 2nd year plants and finished one year plants in inventory. A few native species such as Shooting Star take 2 or 3 years to produce and will be in our native plant nursery until they reach our quality standards for shipping.

water willowWe also have the capacity to grow specifically for your project. We produce a substantial amount of our plants on contract for designated jobs. The contract growing project for Sherman Hospital was for delivery of over 100,000 Prairie Plugsā„¢ within a six week window. These plants were delivered on time and directly to each planting bed as needed. You can have faith in our ability to meet your project requirements.

We can propagate species not currently on our list when the need arises. The IDNR Fisheries Dept needed Justicia americana, Water Willow, for stream restoration of some Northern Illinois rivers. Country Road Greenhouses, Inc. developed a propagation program for Water Willow that has allowed us to produce many thousand Justicia americana plants for such projects.

Contact us for information on contract growing for your project.

wetland plotOur property also serves as a useful model for rain gardens, vegetated swales, butterfly gardens, and residential landscapes. The rain and irrigation runoff from our growing facilities is captured in a 1/3 acre rain garden. Built in 1991 this onsite wetland was planted with multiple species of local sedges, grasses, bulrushes, rushes, and forbs providing us with convenient access to local wetland seed. The rain garden allows us to harvest and retain water on site to benefit our personal environment and avoid adding to water runoff problems for our downstream neighbors. Our vegetated swale serves as another seed source as well as habitat for numerous birds which use this swale as a nesting site. Our seven acres of prairie landscape surrounding our residence also serves as seed nursery and educational resource for our touring clients. This planting, begun in June, 1995, serves as an inspiration and plant selection guide to those planning a butterfly garden or other form of native landscape.

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